NTP Time Server

Products Status Stock
Type Other
Max Memory Capacity Other
Brand Name GlobalTime
Model Number GTT100
Place of Origin Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Server Time Level Stratum 1
Server time precision 1ms
Precision of client time 10ms
Timing capacity >20,000
Terminal syncronization 1 time per minute
MTBF > 90,000 hours

Detailed Product Description

receive signals from GPS satellite system or the dual-satellite system of GPS and GLONASS (optional)
Certification: CE / FCC

The network synchronized clock of high accuracy supplied by GTT100 series of network time servers directly comes from each satellite atomic clock in GPS system (may also choose other satellite time service system as the time reference source in according with users’ request). There is an integration of a 12 channel GPS time service receiver in the inside of GTT100. It can provide high-accuracy time service and synchronized service for network anywhere in the world.


One of the characteristics of GTT100 series of network servers is the friendly user interface. GTT100 series support the practical application of remote access to network administrator. The built-in state display control and the server control are both operated through a sandard interface. GTT100 series of network time servers permit users upgrading the system through FTP remote access. The 10/100M self-adaptive ethernet interface of GTT100 series can enable you to join it up to the existing network conveniently.


The apperance of GTT100 series of network servers symbolizes a major breakthrough in synchronization technology. It combines the satellite time-service synchronization technology with the data processing technology of high speed and large capacity. It also provides the user interface based on ethernet and supports many kinds of network protocols.


GTT100 series of network time servers focus on providing the high-quality products on time service and the synchronized service for all the servers and terminal devices of the entire network. It can be widely applied in all domains of national economy, for example, telecommunication, banks, securities, electric power system, industry, taxation, public security offices, national defense, commercial affairs and so on. It supplies precise and standard time signal for the computer network, the computer application system, the information system, the communication system, the flow control management, the special equipment and so on. Besides, the running quality and quality control of the equipment and system are also raised by a large margin for users.

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