GTD368 POE digital clock

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Brand Name GlobalTime
Model Number GTD368
Place of Origin China (Mainland)
colour red and white
Viewing Distance 50 meters
Cabinets black plastic or painted steel
Accuracy +/- approximately 20 milliseconds
Time Synchronization SNTP
Power Supply POE or 12VDC

Detailed Product Description

Time is automatically set by Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP).
Power over Ethernet (POE)- uses the same technology as IP p

NTP (Network Time Protocal) introduces a high-precision and convenient way to transfer time through the network. No matter using the free NTP time source in the network or the time source with costs, it is both convenient and of low-cost.

POE (Power Over Ethernet) utilizes the technology that delivers DC power to Ethernet connected devices. POE can be enabled to get both data and power simultaneously over standard network cable. Thus it can eliminate cost from deployment rather than extra supply cable or devices.

GTD368 has adopted the POE technology to get data and power over the same set of wires, which improves the precision and eliminates the cost. Moreover, GTD368 considered double-sided display. It can be displayed in both sides with an extra screen rather than with an extra device. The dual-face design facilitates installation and offers advantage for the cost. 

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