Inspur Rack Server Yingxin NF5225

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Type Rack
Max Memory Capacity ≥ 64GB
Processor Main Frequency 2.13GHz
Processor Type Intel Xeon
Brand Name Inspur
Model Number Yingxin NF5225
Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
chipset INTEL 5500+ICH10R
QPI bus rate 4.8GT/S-6.4GT/S

Detailed Product Description

1.QPI bus rate 4.8GT/S-6.4GT/S
2.Storage Maximum 8 hot-plug 3.5'' SATA/SAS hard drives
3.TriLevel cache 4/8MB


Designed with the “IFA+ performance triangle” methodology, Inspur Yingxin NF5225 is a 2U dual-way server product with Intel® Xeon® processors of series 5500, which promote 150% performance. It pursues the balance of performance and cost, emphasizing on practicability, fulfill the various application demand of mainstream users. Especially for the current application on density deployment, distributed installation, compact space, heat concentration, emphasis on business continuity and high server manageability; strengthened design on case with steel structure, core heat parts cooling, chassis structure ventilation and remote management.

Functional Characteristics 

   Powerful Performance:

Using Intel ® Xeon ® 5500,5600 series processors, the data transmission rate up to 6.4GT / S; with 4~8MB TriLevel cache, supporting 64-bit extensions, I / O acceleration, Turbo, hyper-threading technique; system application performance 2.25 times over the previous generations.

Using the latest INTEL 5500 + ICH10R, innovative design of VR circuit board, reducing 5~12% overall power consumption and 4~5 dB noise than previous generation; support DPNM power management technology, energy saving.

With DDR III memory, eight memory slots, support DDR3 800/1066/1333MHz ,64GB maximum memory expansion, support for three-channel read, more energy efficient to meet user performance requirements.

Support 8* 3.5” SAS / SATA HD, which makes more flexible options for hot-plug storage.



Improved strain cooling system and side ventilation design facilitate the control of airflow, which guarantees the heat radiation of CPU, memory and the whole system under 2U high expansion conditions. This improves the system reliability, effectively prolongs the service life of components and decreases cost;

Key components including hard drives and power supplies support hot plugging redundancy. Replacement and maintenance of components may be completed without system shutdown, improving the system availability.
Integrate SATA 0, 1,10,5 and SAS RAID 0,1,10; optional HV5 virtual hard drive RAID5; provide customers with reliable data protection plan.

Provide 3 PCI-E2.0 expansion slots; self-adapting optional components; support mainstream PCI-E; support multiple expansions of customers and reduce expansion cost.
Configured with standard integrated BMC intelligent control chips; support remote control abiding by IPMI2.0 codes; complete server management at remote; support remote operations, management and deployment system and application system and monitor the operating conditions of servers.
Inspur Ruijie Server Kit contains the following 3 parts: Ruijie Server Management Package, Ruijie System Intelligent Installation Package, and Ruijie System Backup Recovery Package. The kit simplifies the maintenance and management of servers. It provides customers with functions of automatic installation, remote data backup and management.

Integrated SATA and optional SAS, enables users to configure their systems depending on the business growth. The product flexibility greatly improves and the switchover cost between different configurations decreases.
Support 8 pieces of hot-plug SATA and SAS hard drives; meet the data storage requirement of different applications and provides future business growth with powerful data storage space.


Technical Specifications 


Support 2 *Intel® Xeon® 5500, 5600 processors series

TriLevel cache


QPI bus rate





8 memory slots; support DDR3 800/1066/1333MHz memory; maximum expansion memory 64GB; support 3-channel access

HD controller

Integrated SATA controller; support RAID 0,1,10,5; SAS server integrates 8-channel SAS controller; support RAID 1,1,10; optional HV5 RAID5 component


Optional batteries; using DDR2 cache with high performance RAID card


Maximum 8 hot-plug 3.5” SATA/SAS hard drives

I/O expansion slot

2* PCI-E2.0x8 slots
1* PCI-E2.0x4

I/O ports

2* RJ45 network ports; 4* rear USB ports; 1* front USB port; 1*rear VGA; 1* rear serial port; 1* PS2 keyboard and mouse port

Network controller

Integrated high performance double giga network card; support advanced network performances including network wake-up, network redundancy and load balance

Power supply

550W redundancy power, 600W single power supply; optional Pmbus, to achieve DPNM

Energy Conservation Management

Optional PMBUS, support Intel DPNM(Dynamic Power Node Manage)

Graphic card

Integrated AST 2050 chip; 64MB display memory




Optional USB floppy

Management features

Integrated BMC chip; support Inspur Ruijie Kit; Inspur advanced server management module; provide remote management and diagnosis; support IPMI2.0; optional KVM over IP

OS supported

Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition SP1,Windows Server 2003 EM64T,Microsoft Windows Server 2008,Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 U 5  32Bit,Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 U 2  32Bit,SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP2 32Bit (Operating system supported may differ depending on the selected configuration)

Operating temperature


Supply voltage


International certification

ISO9001 International Quality Management System
ISO14001 International Environment Management System




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