Inspur Rack Server Yingxin NF8560

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Type Rack
Max Memory Capacity ≥ 64GB
Max Processors 4
Processor Main Frequency 1.866GHz
Processor Type Intel Xeon
Brand Name Inspur
Model Number Yingxin NF8560
Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Chipset INTEL 7500 series
QPI Bus Rate 4.8GT/S-6.4GT/S

Detailed Product Description

1.Chipset INTEL 7500 series
2.I/O Expansion Slot 2* X16PCI-E,1*X8 PCI-E*4
3.High speed cache 12-24MB

Inpsur Yingxin NF8560 server is the most advanced 4-slot design multi-processor server system with superior computational performance and excellent reliability as well as easy of use. Based on the intel QPI technology NEHALEM-EX micro-architecture design of multi-core processors, emphasizing the flexibility expansion, the functional, high performance, high security, located in the core business; in perfecting the application of the traditional premise of good support and optimize higher memory, flexible I / O expansion, making it more applicable to the virtual infrastructure optimization of integration, and IT application mode transformation technology of cloud computing as well as other cutting-edge best hardware platform.

    Higher computing ability 

QPI-based high-speed Internet using the latest technology, the core of up to 8 per 16 compute threads 24MB cache INTEL NEHALEM-EX XEON multi-core processors, four-slot straight design, calculation of the core 64 to provide up to 32 processing threads, with TURBO Smart acceleration technology. Its online system processing performance has increased more than 2.5 times of the previous generation based on FSB technology, and its high-performance floating-point computing ability has increased 3.8 times than the previous generation.

    Greater data bandwidth 

It adopts NEHALEM-EX processor integrated memory controller, each CPU memory of up to four high-speed Internet access, using ONBOARD MILL BROOK memory buffer chip, and high-speed properties FBD DIMM, reducing memory power consumption and heat. Its 32DIMM design uses DDR3 800/1066MHZ memory, maximum capacity up to 256GB (32 × 8GB), to support four cross-access memory, memory mirroring, memory, increased frequency and operation mode of the serial memory of the comprehensive upgrade of the transmission rate and security. Compared to the previous generation of memory control, its memory band width is 9 times greater.

    Stronger data control 

Integrated of optimized new generation of SAS2-board controllers, full support SAS/SAS2 hard drive, data communications rates is up to 6GB, using high-performance RAID onboard components. Improve data security, while do not take up PCI- E expansion slots of the high-end customers; the system provides high-speed large-capacity 3.5 "hard drive designed to provide the integrated optimization of system storage performance, capacity, number for the protection of existing resources ;

    Higher system reliability

Various key components such as power systems, system cooling fan, hard disk support hot-swap technology to facilitate customer maintenance. This allows customer’s maintenance without shutting down the system under the situation of single point of failure in the system, so that customer’s application system can achieve the real “never stop”.

    Faster data communication

    Better management capabilities


 Technical Specifications



NF 8560

Product appearance

4U standard rack server with the special rack mount kit.


Compatible with Intel NEHALEM-EX ® Xeon® processors of 7500 series, number of processors supported is up to 4.

QPI Bus Rate


High speed cache



INTEL 7500 series


32 memory slots available;  support DDR3 800/1066/1333MHz memory; maximum expandable memory 256GB;

HD Controller

Integrate SAS controllers; support RAID0, 1, 10, 5, 50, 6, 60; Also support the SAS RAID card


support RAID0, 1 and 5; For SAS models, integrate 8-channel SAA controllers; support RAID0, 1 and10


It has five 3.5 inch SAS hot-plugging SAS hard drive, the number of compatible 3.5 inches hot-plugging SATA/SAS HD is up to 10;

I/O Expansion Slot

2* X16PCI-E,1*X8 PCI-E*4

I/O Ports

2 RJ45 network interfaces (back positioned); 2 back-positioned USB ports; 2 pre-positioned USB ports; 1 back-positioned VGA serial port; 1 back-positioned serial port; PS2 keyboard/mouse ports

Network Controller

Integrate 64-bit high performance double giga network cards; support advanced network performances such as network waking, network redundancy and balanced load.

Power Supply

1400W 1+1 redundant power supply

Video Card

Integrate video controller with a video memory 32MB


CD/DVD CD-ROM (optional)

Floppy Drive

USB floppy drive

Management Features

compatible with Inspur Ruijie Management Suite; Integrate with Inspur Advance Server Management Module; provide remote supervisory and diagnosis functions; compatible with IPMI1.5 and IPMI2.0, WfM2.0, EMP, KVM over IP

OS supported

Microsoft Windows 2003 SP2 32bit and EM64T

Microsoft Windows 2008 32bit and EM64T

Redhat Linux Enterprise server 5 update 4 32bit and EM64T

Suse Linux 11 Enterprise server 32bit and EM64T

Asian Linux server 3 SP2 32bit and EM64T

Operating Temperature


Power Voltage


International Certification

ISO9001 International Quality Management System

ISO14001 International Environment Management System


178mm(H), 452mm(W), 750mm(D)



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